Ms. Daya Mata
Internationally renowned yoga health expert

Tutor-Sadhvi Daya Mataji, Chinese name: Yoga mother, Canadian Chinese, born in India, following the daily life yoga masters have studied yoga system for decades, is the only one of more than 50 daily life yoga instructors Chinese, she is determined to bring daily life yoga to China, and spread the seeds in Haikou at the end of 2016, so she had the first batch of students in Haikou.

The “Daily Living Yoga System” originated in India and has been passed down to generations of yoga masters. The system is widely taught at more than 4,000 yoga centers around the world. It is an international non-profit humanitarian organization with schools and hospitals. , Women's Education Center, Animal Shelter, Organic Farms, Organizing World Peace Conference, planting millions of peace trees around the world and building the world's largest OM Ashram Retreat.

The main goals of daily life yoga: physical health; mental health; social health; mental health. It is a science about body, mind, mind, and spirit.

The 3rd ICTMHW
2019 Vancouver

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