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Ms. Liu Qiong
Organic health experts

Chairman of St. Love Chinese Medicine Group

Dean of the Holy Love College

Director of Yunnan Hongxiang Yixintang Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.

Executive director of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

Vice President of the Chinese Medicine Culture Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

Vice Chairman, National Medicine Culture Committee, China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Medicine Association of the Chinese Medicine Association of China Medicine Association

Vice President of Chinese Medicine School Branch of China Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Executive director of Yunnan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

Chairman of the Private Chinese Medicine Institution Management Professional Committee

Vice President of Yunnan Provincial Private Hospital Association

Executive Director of Yunnan Health Education Association

Yunnan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, TCM General Practitioner and Deputy Director of the Continuing Education Committee

Vice President of Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association

President of Kunming Chamber of Commerce in Kunming

As an ideal person, she pursues the great dream of Chinese medicine with her own persistence. As a pathfinder and leader of the management of Chinese medicine hospitals, she insists on “big Chinese medicine” and “national Chinese medicine” in the pattern of national inheritance and industry development. The "healthy health" service industry, with inclusiveness and win-win ideas, helps the development of private Chinese medicine clinics, and strives to create a prosperous scene in which Chinese medicine is flourishing and contending;

As the founder of St. Love, she brings together 639 famous Chinese medicine doctors from all over the country and the province, with her own wisdom and personality charm, so that the St. Love Chinese Medicine Museum will rise up and create a Chinese medicine chain management model - Shengai Chinese Medicine mode;

As the pioneer and active practitioner of Chinese medicine dreams, she has influenced a generation of Chinese medicine practitioners with diligence, kindness and tenacity;

As a woman, she has helped women who are desperate for life with the care and love of women...
In order to realize the "Traditional Chinese Medicine" platform, let more people serve Chinese medicine, let more people enjoy the services of Chinese medicine, and carry out the Chinese medicine business to the end!" Promote, develop and innovate.

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