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Sun Chulin Researcher
Special effects traditional health top experts

Ms. Sun Chulin was born in Wuhan in 1957. During the Cultural Revolution, he was sent to the Nanjing grandmother's house. When he helped his grandmother to do farm work, he first discovered his own special function (seeing the ground to find a jar filled with copper coins). In 1979, as a kindergarten teacher at the Wuhan Institute of Geology, I found that I could use my ears to recognize words and found that I could see through the human body. In 1981, he worked in the General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army for a short period of time, giving patients perspectives with specific functions. After returning to the Wuhan Institute of Geology, he worked in the library. In 1987, she was officially transferred to the Institute of Human Sciences of Professor Shen Jinchuan to conduct a full-time experimental study of human science.

From 1987 to 2005, Professor Shen Jinchuan and Ms. Sun Chulin collaborated to conduct a special function study for 18 years. 18 years of experimental data on the psi phenomenon (note: psi is the pronunciation of the Greek letter ,, representing the unknown meaning, similar to the X in the popular movie "X Archive"), providing conclusive evidence of the existence of mental energy . Sun Chulin demonstrated extraordinary psi ability and launched an unknown energy information complex, which caused the related objects and living bodies to be strongly influenced and produced various physical, chemical and biological effects.

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