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Prof. You-Ping HU


Chief Expert of Superfacial MeridiAn Acupuncture

Professor Youping Hu is one of the PhD tutors in the Acupuncture Institute of Chengdu University of TCM, the council member of Sichuan Acupuncture Association and Chengdu TCM Association, also the standing committee member of Sichuan Provincial Acupuncture Association Clinical Professional Committee and Sichuan Provincial TCM Society Pain Condition Committee. Professor Hu is the member of Chengdu TCM University Academic Board that is outlining academic criteria for the university.

Professor Hu has been practicing the clinical work, education and research of Acupuncture for 35 years, with over 100 students of Master’s Degree and PhD graduated from his team. He has published altogether 20 books on his own, or participating the compilation of acupuncture textbooks at the Nation’s standard. Professor Hu’s scientific research to Acupuncture have covered levels from the Ministry of Science and Technology , the State Administration of TCM etc., with numerous awards given by the Chinese government, Sichuan TCM Provincial Administration and Chengdu TCM University.

His specialties have covered an extensive range of diseases with approaches of TCM Channel theories, in which are chronic pain, post-stroke syndrome, facial paralysis and other neurological diseases. Prof. Hu is also specialized in emotional disorders including depression, anxiety and insomnia.

In the last a few years, Prof. Hu has developed interests to the collaboration between TCM sinew conceptions and its clinical use, hence built up his own acupuncture style of using ancient acupuncture techniques in the treatment of pain conditions with instant and reliable results.

Click below to listen to Professor Hu Youping's WeChat Lecture - Clinical Application of the Tendon Method 7 June 2018

Moderator: Dr. Hu Zhijian, Dr. Huang Guojian

胡幼平教授微信講座——經筋刺法的臨床應用 - 胡幼平
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