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Jin Guanyuan, Ph.D.
An internationally renowned acupuncturist, a systematic medical acupuncturist. Acupuncturist and inventor of acupuncture

Jin Guanyuan, MD, American Weizhou Licensed Acupuncturist, internationally renowned Chinese medicine master, neurophysiologist, systemic medical scientist, cardiologist, time biologist and systemic medical scientist, Greater Chicago, USA including Wisconsin A well-known social member activist, neurophysiologist, National Institutes of Health (NIH) medical research fund review expert, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine special clinical Chinese medicine expert, Beijing Open University visiting professor, honorary visiting professor of New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has a unique background of combining Chinese and Western medicine and 50 years of acupuncture clinical and scientific research at home and abroad. In the early years, he was trained by acupuncture predecessors such as Jiao Yizhai, Zheng Kuishan and Wei Jia, and deeply acquainted with traditional acupuncture techniques and theories.


In 1982, he graduated from Zhejiang Medical University (now known as Zhejiang University School of Medicine), undergraduate (77) and physiology (79). After staying at the school, he has taught a lot of neurophysiological research on acupuncture and acupuncture. . From 1989 to 1992, he completed his postdoctoral studies at the Department of Radiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, USA. He is currently the director and chief researcher of the American Institute of International Medical Medicine. He has served as a consultant for Chinese medicine and acupuncture at the Wisconsin State Government for many years. He is the founding president of the American Chinese Society (American Chinese Professor Scientist Society) and the president of the China Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers Professionals. .


Jin Guanyuan is one of the pioneers in the world to discuss the essence of Qigong science. His qigong, especially Ba Duanjin, has been the true biography of the four major acupuncture experts in modern China, Qigong martial arts master Jiao Yizhai. In recent years, he has worked with professors at the University of Wisconsin Medical School on clinical research in the treatment of lung cancer with qigong and radiotherapy.


His works are rich, and in addition to more than 100 papers, there are 26 Chinese and English majors and popular science books. Its representative is [Acupuncture and Control Theory] (1977), [Clinical Acupuncture Reflection] (2004) (2017), [Systemic Reflex Zone Map] (2004), [Contemporary Medical Acupuncture] (2007), [Modern Time Medicine] (1993) and [healthy health] (2013), [systematic medical principles] (2017).

"Contemporary Medical Acupuncture" by Jin Guanyuan

Click the arrow below to play Teacher Jin Guanyuan’s WeChat lecture (April 28, 2018): Reflection point acupuncture from the great road to simplicity
金觀源老師微信講座:大道至簡的反映點針灸2018年4月28日 - 金觀源老師
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