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Choi Lan Young’s 2024 Vancouver In-person Class Early Bird Price Ends on March 31
  • Choi Lan Young’s 2024 Vancouver In-person Class Early Bird Price Ends on March 31

    Teacher Cui Lanying, an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and beauty, Zhenjiu Meidiao, personally teaches and teaches the wonderful technique of "Zhenjiu Meidiao".

    For WeChat payment and registration, please contact: WeChat: rechelzhu-van



    Course content: Zhenjiu Meidiao Learning Project Theory + Practical Practice


    The course lasts for 4 days, with a total of 32 hours of teaching hours, and a certificate of continuing education credits will be issued.

    Day 1 July 12, 2024 (Friday)

    8:30am-12pm: Principle and design of Zhenjiu Carving,

    2:30pm-6pm: Facial rejuvenation design and real-person operation demonstration

    7pm-9pm: Causes of wrinkles and practical demonstrations

    1. The principle of long-term beauty carving

    1. Skin knowledge and anatomy knowledge

    2. The difference between Zhenjiumei carved bullet-head patented needles, bladed needles, and needle knives

    3. Why does filiform acupuncture have no effect?

    4. Operation precautions and taboos

    5. How to understand aging and how to find the key parts of facial aging to achieve the best results.


    The next day July 13, 2024 (Saturday)

    8:30am-12pm: Wrinkle operation, eye rejuvenation operation

    2:30pm-6pm: Hong Leong series and real-person practical demonstration,

    7pm-9pm: Body Sculpting

    6. How to take photos to get real photos

    7. Do facial rejuvenation design before operation

    8. How to realize marketing knowledge

    2. Raise your face without touching your face (practical explanation)

    3. Get rid of double chin (practical explanation)

    4. Facial rejuvenation series: (practical explanation)

    1. Facial lift

    2. Firm skin

    3. Remove marionette lines

    4. Dilute nasolabial folds

    5. Plump apple skin

    6. Dilute Indian lines

    7. Fill facial depressions

    8. Whiten skin

    9. Lighten spots

    10. Shrink pores

    11. Get rid of acne

    12. Remove acne marks

    13. Remove acne pits

    14. Remove red blood filaments

    15. Get rid of apple face

    16. Lose weight and become fatter

    17. Fat face becomes thinner

    18. Correction of face size

    19. Remove milk meat

    20. Create a girly line

    21. Relieve sensitive skin

    22. Improve the corners of the mouth

    23. Remove or fade scars

    24. Get rid of oily face

    5. Hong Leong Series:

    Analysis of the principles and precautions of acupuncture and moxibustion

    1. Enlarge sunken cheeks (online practical explanation)

    2. Fenglaigou (online class practical explanation)

    6. Repair Series: (Online class explains its principles and operation methods)

    1. Repair sunken scars,

    2. Repair failed double eyelids,

    3. Repair failed hyaluronic acid injections.

    4. Repair failed botulinum toxin injection,

    5. Repair growth factors that failed to be injected


    Day Three: July 14th (Sunday)

    8:00am-12pm body sculpting

    2:30pm-7pm Student practice

    7. Body series

    1. Explain what obesity is?

    2. Explain the harm of obesity to the human body

    3. Explain the causes of obesity?

    4. Explain the principle of acupuncture for weight loss?

    5. Explain the suitable groups for needle carving?

    6. Explain the precautions for needle carving

    7. Practical content includes

    1. Sculpt the belly with a needle (practical explanation)

    2. Sky-filled star sculpture (practical explanation)


    Day 4 July 15 (Monday)


    2:30pm-4:30pm Practical Q&A guidance

    3. Slimming the middle part includes: slimming the waist, slimming the hips, slimming the mother’s buttocks, etc. (practical explanation)

    4. Slimming the lower part includes: thin elephant legs, small thick legs, etc. (practical explanation)

    5. Slimming the upper part includes: thinning the arms, removing excess fat and fat on the shoulders, shoulder blades, and upper back (practical explanation)


    Introduction by teacher Cui Lanying


    Training time: July 12-15, 2024, 9am-6pm, 32 hours in total, continuing education credit certificate will be issued

    Training location: Metrotown, Burnaby, BC, Canada,

    Total: $3630 CAD

    Refresher training students $630 CAD

    Early bird price:

    1) Tuition fee of CAD$3350 must be paid before March 31st

    2) Pay tuition fee of CAD$3420 before April 15th

    3) Pay tuition fee of CAD$3490 before May 15th

    4) Pay tuition fee of CAD$3560 before June 15th

    Students who resume classes: Canadian dollars $630

    Seats are arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. After successful payment, join the internal group.

    Needles: Bullet blade needles and filiform needles

    Contact email and e-transfer email:


    WeChat: rechelzhu-van


    **This project is non-refundable. Those who cannot participate for some reason can postpone it to the next training.

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      C$3,350.00Sale Price
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