International Conference of Traditional Medicines Recruitment Forum

Do you use traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of complex diseases? Do you know a master of Chinese medicine who is highly skilled?

If so, welcome to the International Conference of Traditional Medicines to show your talents, to share with your peers, and to benefit the profession and the society. Your effort will help spreading and promoting the treasures of TCM for health and wellbeing of the mankind; it would be a shame if this treasure declined in our generation.
The International Conference of Traditional Medicines on Health and Wellness (ICTMHW) is a platform to promote the revival and development of Chinese medicine overseas, focusing on hard-to-treat and complicated diseases, emphasizing clinical knowledge and skills for improving the level of diagnosis and treatment using TCM and other forms of traditional medicines, as well for elevating the overall strengths and significance of the TCM profession. Through our website, WeChat, and other social media outlets, the Conference provides an open learning platform for lectures throughout the year. The selected top experts and their lectures will be widely disseminated through conferences and other means to benefit TCM practitioners in North America and around the world. The process of selection will be on-going, and selected experts may be invited to Canada for the Conference – an international stage without boundary – a platform to show your talents and to allow audience to witness the miracle effect of treatment using TCM, and to carry the treasure on from one generation to the next.

Welcome all the experts in Chinese medicine to show, spread and exchange your unique talents and skills at the Maple Leaf Country!

Self-recommended or recommend others – both are welcome. Never mind where a hero come from, as long as his/her unique talents and skills show the best clinical effect!

We sincerely urge and invite talents from every part of the world come to the stage to show your unique talents and skills. Through this platform, we work together to promote Chinese medicine, to carry forward the essence of Chinese medicine and to bring benefits to all living beings.


Welcome everyone to share this information, and to show and share your talents!




A collection of world-class Masters demonstrating newly developed techniques

Learn from their experiences and witness the magic of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Powerful presentation and on-site demonstration making learning easier

Conference and training sessions complements each other that you can use

to further your clinic success.


This is a World-class Conference on Traditional Medicines and Acupuncture

an opportunity you will not regret to get!


Conference and training complement each other.

Learning to imitate has an effect!

The 4th ICTMHW
2020 Vancouver

Conference designated gift

Moxa Lady Healing Bad 

Secretary:Ms Mao


Ticketing: Ms.Zhu 1-778-989-0677

Purchase tickets address:BG Acupunture Clinic 203-5679 Imperial St,  Burnaby, BC ,V5J 1G1 Canada

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