Prof. Shunfa Jiao

Inventor of Scalp Acupuncture

Chair of Scalp Acupuncture Committee, WFCMS

Dr. Jiao, Master TCM practitioner, Inventor of Jiao’s Scalp Acupuncture, is Chair of Scalp Acupuncture Committee, WFCMS. Dr. Jiao has been involved in clinical practice and research in Neurosurgery since 1960. He was appointed as Director of the Health Center of Yuncheng District and Director of People’s Hospital of Yuncheng District, Shanxi Province. In 1970, Dr. Jiao invented “Scalp Acupuncture”. After discovering scalp acupuncture could treat apoplexy and other brain diseases effectively, the technique soon spread worldwide, and received the National Award of Excellence by the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1976, he invented a new method for encephalopathy treatment with Acupuncture combined with acupoint injection on carotid artery, which was widely promoted and applied throughout China. In 1982, the World Health Organization of the United Nations recognized Scalp Acupuncture as a significant invention from China and recommended its method for clinical applications. Three years ago Dr. Jiao was recognized as one of  China’s “Golden Treasures” and at a televised ceremony was awarded a Certificate honoring his lifetime of accomplishment to humanity by the Chinese Government in Beijing.

In the past 50 years, Dr. Jiao has been conducting extensive research on the clinical and theoretical aspects of acupuncture treatment, and found that the Chinese acupuncture therapy is a great medicine substantially evidenced with scientific rationale, excellent manipulations and magical effects.

Dr. Jiao authored over 10 books, such as "Chinese Scalp Acupuncture", "Scalp Acupuncture and Clinical Cases ", "Dr. Jiao shunfa Scalp Acupuncture", " The Treatment of Cerebrovascular Disease with Acupuncture combined with the Carotid Artery Acupoint Injection", "Seeking the Truth of the Chinese Acupuncture", "the Soul of the Chinese Acupuncture", "The Acupuncture Principles and Clinical Practice", "The Acupuncture Canon", "The Reason of the Acupuncture: the Essay while Reading the Classics of Chinese Medicine", "Acupuncture Treatment", "Magical Acupuncture", "The Outline of the Acupuncture Needling the Body, limbs and nerve", "The Reason of the Acupuncture", "The Acupuncture Treatment Elaboration" etc.

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