Dr Liang Chuan Lin

 Graduated from the Department of Chinese, National Taiwan University
Graduated from the Chinese Medicine Department of Taiwan University of Chinese Medicine (Chinese and Western Medicine)
Taipei Pathology Center Pathologist
Principal of Rong Chun Chinese Medicine Clinic
Instructor of Taiwanese TCM Doctor continuing education
Born in Taiwan, a well-known orthopedic family

Dr Lin studied in China Medical University in Taiwan with a double degree in Chinese and western medicine after graduated from Taiwan University with a Chinese major. He runs his medical practice in Rong Chun Chinese Medicine Clinic in TaoYuan Province Taiwan. He came from a family of Chinese medicine Orthopaedics.

Lin’s Orthopaedics specialises in adjustment of skeleton with fascia sliding in accordance with human anatomy. He also specialises in relaxing deep brevis and realign disorder fascia in chronological order to reset bone and joints dislocation.

Dr Lin had been giving speeches in Taiwan and USA.

Lecture Outline :
1. The structure and limitation of fascia
2. The awareness and conducting system of fascia
3. Clinical common cause of pain and its structural reasons
4. The functional analysis of the body Structure: vertical and horizontal axis
5. Fascia layer and the central axis
6. The structure of shoulder and arm and common traumatology issues
7. The  lumbosacral structure and common traumatology issues 
8. The acupuncture application on traumatology issues 
9. The restoration of  macro-structure and micro-structure with acupuncture


The 3rd ICTMHW
2019 Vancouver

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