Doctor Xiaoji (Jenny) Li

Xiaoji Li is a 4th generation TCM practitioner. Her great grandfather is Doctor
and Professor Sichi Li, the TCM expert and educationist who established
Chengdu University of TCM in 1930’s. Dr. Li offers a full range of TCM treatments
at her private clinic in New Zealand and has 24 years’ experience in treating a
wide range of health conditions, especially male and female infertility.
After completing a Bachelor Degree of Acupuncture in China, Dr. Li worked for
11 years as a registrar physician at Sichuan Provincial TCM Hospital and lectured
at Chengdu University of TCM. Since coming to New Zealand in 2005, she has
lectured and supervised tertiary students in the local TCM college, and as the
former Vice President of NZ Institute of Chinese Medicine, she was responsible
for the Institute’s educational programs.
In addition to her Bachelor Degree, Dr Li has a Masters in Health Science in
Practice (NZ), a National Diploma in Adult Education (NZ) and a National Diploma
in Acupuncture (NZ). Dr. Li is presently studying for her Doctorate focusing on
Acupuncture Fertility.

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