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The 3rd




August 24 (Sat) - 25 (Sun), 2019

Check in  8:30 am

Conference  9:00 am - 6:00 pm




Chinese & English simultaneous translation



Element Vancouver Metrotown

5988 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada,V5H 2A7


Expert Speeches

The conference will invite top experts to give speeches and on-site demonstration. The Experts will introduce and share their experiences and special techniques using traditional medicine methods, such as, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tuina massage, Chinese medicine in orthopedic therapy and diet therapy, in prevention and treatment of commonly seen clinically challenged illness.

Our vision

Charity for the benefit of the people

Reducing suffering and increasing happiness

Our goal

Liberalism for medical science and  life for the people, integration of outstanding knowledge for the past sages, and health protection for humankind

steering Committee


Dong Zhilin, Cai Baochang, Wu Binjiang

Tian Haihe, Lu Shengchun

Vice Chairman

Huang Guojian, Tai Shusheng, Zhong Zhengzhe

Lin Qingqi,Yu Guangsheng, Qiu Lilian, Lu Xin


Zeng Yi, Guan Hui, Guan Huizhen

Wang Baijin, Yan Qingping, Huang Binbin

Xu Zunji, Guan Rongxi,dingo

​Wan Bin, Qi Wenfeng


BG Acupuncture Clinic, Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM), Canadian Ankang Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Rehabilitation Center, Central College, Human Body Space Medicine Institute, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) Needle-Knife Specialty Committee, China Shengchun Hospital Group, WFCMS Chinese Herbal Medicine Quality Specialty Committee, Aceso Trading Co. Ltd.,Bethune Oriental Medicine Center, etc.


World-TCM Forum, Canadian Alliance of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture,  Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quebec College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Canadian College of Classic Chinese Medicine, John and Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Canada, Acupuncture Society of Manitoba, Saskatchewan Chinese Acupuncture Society, Canadian Ultra-micro Acupotomy, Acupoint Catgut Implantation Institute,Bema Botanical Solutions Ltd,Canadian Yan Chinese Medicine,  Jiangsu South Chinese Medicine Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd., Nanjing Haichang Chinese Medicine Group Co., Ltd., AMX Service Ltd etc.


Shenzhen Hua Run San Jiu Medicine Trading Ltd.

Hua Qing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Organic Desserts Catering


​Deling Red Wolfberry

Member of the Organizing Committee of the 4th International Congress of Traditional Medicine



Co-Honorary Chairman


Li Zhenji, Sun Tao, Cao Baoqi, Che Fei, Yang Guangfang





Wang Fulin, Yu Weidong, Niu Yang, Che Weidong, Zou Liguo, Cheng Xia



Co-Vice Chairman


Lu Jiaxian, Ma Huisheng, Du Yadong, Wang Tianshan, Liu Jinhong, Wu You, He Ruina





Mao Zhiming, Su Ming, Li Hongxia, Guo Rongwen, Hu Yuning, Pan Lingling



Co-Deputy Secretary-General


Situ Zuen, Guo Bin, Zhu Yi'an, Sun Ruiqi, Wang Santao, Wang Jiulin, Zhang Zuoping, Zhu Jingyan, Ma Huiping



Wang Li, Tai Boyuan, Karen Keyes, Yi Jiawen, You Chunyan, Tao Yun, Tao Tiancheng, Wang Min

Expert Speakers
Dong Fuhui.jpg

Dong Fuhui

Minimally invasive traditional Chinese medicine expert

The title of the speech at this conference is "Minimally Invasive Technology in Traditional Chinese Medicine", which mainly introduces the development progress and height of minimally invasive traditional Chinese medicine technology other than filiform needles in China, as well as the technical characteristics suitable for overseas TCM acupuncture doctors.

Huang Shipei.png

Huang Shipei

Teaching everyone the application of Jingfang prescriptions

Mr. Huang's lectures are profound and simple, talking about "corresponding prescriptions and syndromes", focusing on the clinical application of classic prescriptions, his treatment experience of various difficult and severe diseases, and using vivid storytelling, which will enable everyone to apply what they have learned and benefit a lot.

Liu Chaolong.jpg

Liu Chaolong

Founder of Jiyi Acupuncture

Jiyi Acupuncture has subverted people's understanding of traditional acupuncture and will surely open a new chapter for the development of acupuncture.

Chen Yun.jpeg

Chen Yun

Systematic Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert

Use pulse diagnosis to assess the patient's health status and predict disease. Leading the innovative development of TCM clinical diagnosis and treatment models, and striving to create a four-dimensional integrated diagnosis and treatment model of pulse-acupuncture-moxibustion-medicine.


Zheng Jianchao

Expert Zheng Shixiaofang

He has followed Mr. Guo Zhichen, the founder of space medicine, for many years and has been engaged in the theory and clinical teaching of space medicine for many years. Later, Mr. Guo personally appointed him to be in charge of the teaching of space medicine.

Li Zongen.jpg

Li Zongen

Ni Haixia’s only designated successor

PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University and MBA from UC Berkeley. He studied under Ni Haixia, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, and became his designated academic successor. He is famous for his excellent clinical efficacy in treating severe, emergency, and special complex diseases.

Lu Shengchun.jpg

Lu Shengchun

The first acupuncture person in China

He has made outstanding contributions to the inheritance and development of acupotomy medicine. Not only has he made outstanding achievements in the treatment of pain with acupotomy, he has also made major breakthroughs in the treatment of internal medicine, ENT, gynecology, and dermatology diseases. He is especially good at it. Integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complicated diseases.

Wang Suzhen.jpg

Wang Suzhen

COVID-19 prescription expert

Using thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine tradition, the treasure of the Chinese nation, we have united as one to make important contributions to defeating the epidemic and achieving a major victory.

Lu Peiwan.png

Lu Peiwan


Specializes in: traditional Chinese medicine health care and treatment of various heat syndromes, chills and chills, pain and sub-health conditions, insomnia, dizziness, facial paralysis, hemiplegia and difficult and miscellaneous diseases.


Cui Lanying

​Zhenjiu Carving Expert

Zhenjiu Meidian's new beauty therapy is guided by the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine to safely and effectively create natural, healthy, natural, and lasting beauty.


​Xu Xingkai

Founder of Zhengxi Medical School

Xu's corrective surgery uses the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine and the guidance of syndrome differentiation and treatment theory when adjusting the spinal vertebrae, and flexibly uses a variety of techniques in treatment to treat both the symptoms and root causes from the outside to the inside.

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