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The Chinese medicine acupuncture market in North America is vast, and the people have a deep understanding of Chinese medicine. In particular, the Canadian government provides a good and relaxed policy environment for the development of Chinese medicine acupuncture, which is a rare opportunity. Our organizing committee will cooperate with the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver to provide a full range of services for those who need to visit Canada, and to provide invitations in both English and Chinese. The conference will provide a forum for Chinese medicine companies, product launches and exhibition booths.

It is expected that there will be 500-700 Chinese medicine acupuncturists in North America attending the conference. The participants of the conference manual will have a copy of the conference, including the conference information, expert introduction, schedule, topic of the speech, abstract of the paper, etc., for each participant. The two-day conference will read the reading materials daily and focus on the Chinese medicine professionals in North America according to the retained value.


After the successful order is placed, there will be a conference team staff responsible for advertising investment to contact you.

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