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Prof. Song Zhenzhi

TCM orthopedic beauty expert

Prof.. Song Zhenzhi, Ph.D., researcher, chief physician. Born in 1948 in China's first historical and cultural city, Shouchun Ancient Town, Shou County, Anhui Province, 6-year-old doctor, 8-year-old medical assistant, 12-year-old clinical card. The younger determined to "not for good looks, willing to be a good doctor." During his youth, he visited more than 30 masters from Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui to study Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, bone injury, martial arts, qigong, Taiji and national instrumental music, which laid a solid foundation for the Chinese medicine industry. The basics:. He graduated from Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a private disciple of Professor Ai Lun Andi, a professor of acupuncture and moxibustion and a famous national medical scientist. 66 years of painstaking study, research experience in traditional Chinese medicine, 200,000 patients in clinical rehabilitation, health care experience, 86 international training courses and the inheritance of 73 disciples (Gaotu) at home and abroad, created Song Yizhi's "Shanghai Style Natural Energy Whole Medicine" "The international brand." After learning, not only can you easily diagnose and treat various spinal diseases and related diseases, but also quickly correct the body shape, body shape, bone shape, heightening, weight loss, tall and straight, and facial features of the facial features.
          The 91st generation of the medical genre of the ancient Chinese doctors, the sacred image of the ancient scorpion, the chairman of the World Federation of Traditional Medicine Cooperation Branch, the president of the Chinese Society of Spinal Medicine, the chief expert of the Hong Kong Institute of Spinal Medicine, and the Shanghai spine The 12th International "Song's Freehand Beauty Training Seminar" will be hosted by the founder of the Health Club, the director of the Shanghai Kangfu Institute of Chinese Medicine, and the only orthopaedic beauty instructor of the 54th World Miss (Shanghai Division). Start. First, the conditions of the students: all doctors, nurses, technicians, business owners, professors, scholars, health practitioners and past students who are engaged in or love the health care, health care, beauty industry, and old-age care industry in the motherland. Quasi-disciples), students and teachers of the Chinese Medicine Hospital can participate. Second, training Time: April 12, 2019, 15 days, a total of 4 days. Third, the training course Address: Shanghai Kangfu Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (23FC, No. 1381 Dongfang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai). Fourth, the training content: 1, video playback: Chinese channel "Song Zhenzhi and spine health"; 2, oral communication of Song Yuzhi's "Ten" health and longevity new ideas; 3, teaching (practice) the ancient medical ancestors of the ancestors" The internal meaning and diagnosis method of medical genre; 4, teach the etiology, pathology, clinical manifestations, and image analysis of various spinal diseases; 5, common head and neck, shoulder, back and leg pain detection and conventional treatment methods; Teaching the "three big steps" of the Sog's bodybuilding techniques, "eight big techniques", "five points of action" and "qigong five-style guidance"; 7, teaching how to use the Song's technique to be a happy second, killing the head, neck, shoulders, Chest, waist, leg pain; 8, teach you to quickly learn to increase, puzzle, slimming, weight loss techniques; 9, teach freehand, painless correction of hoe, torticollis, oblique face, size face, pumpkin face, Mi Wei 20 beauty projects such as eyes, high cheekbones, crawling nose, and Leigong mouth; IO, teaching correction of men and women pelvis, high and low shoulders, long and short legs; 11, teaching female postpartum bone Repair technology; 12, teach diagnosis and treatment of adolescent scoliosis and its maintenance methods. 13. Analyze why today's Chinese private hospitals, clinics, health clubs, beauty hospitals, beauty clubs are difficult to move, slow development? 14, explore how to use Resources, innovation and development, cooperation and win-win. V. Number of students enrolled: This year is limited to 10 international classes; 6. Tuition: 6800 yuan for new students (original price 12800 yuan). 4800 yuan for former senior students; 20,000 yuan for teachers Continue to learn until); foreign disciples are exempt from tuition resumption; domestic disciples (need to bring a new student) to participate free of charge. Seven, this year's students with good academics may be recruited as disciples (high apprentices), signed a total of apprenticeship cooperation Win the agreement; give priority to join the members of the World Federation of Traditional Medicine Cooperation Branch (the director), enjoy the preferential participation in the world conference held at home and abroad, participate in cooperation, etc. 8. All participants must pay the initial registration of 80 yuan (to be reported when paying tuition fees) Deduction). Nine, in order to guarantee the orderly study, those who pay before March 31, 2019 The discount is 300 yuan (strict airborne). Ten, all the learning project professors can give the students experience, mutual treatment medical examination, welcome to bring patients on-site treatment, orthopedic beauty half-price charges (advance reservation). Phone contact: Sha teacher; mobile phone WeChat: 13816795276 CCB transfer: 6227 0012 1510 0000 682 Song Zhenzhi.

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