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Dr. Li Zongen

Introduction to Dr. Li Zongen
Dr. Li Zongen, formerly a high-tech enterprise manager and investor, a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Berkeley. Because his father suffered from liver cancer and entered the medical field, he was the master of traditional Chinese medicine, Ni Haixia, and became a designated academic descendant. He is known for his excellent clinical treatment of severe, acute and special complex diseases. He was invited to give lectures and guide Chinese and Western doctors in various medical institutions. He was the lecturer of the 50th Anniversary of China Medical University and the invited lecturer and lecturer of the International Symposium of the International Symposium of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the doctoral tutor of the Doctoral Program of the American International Medical University. At present, he is also invited to participate in the promotion of the "Western Medicine to Chinese Medicine" policy of the State Council of China, to guide Kaifeng Tongxu People's Hospital, Dongyuan Cardiovascular Hospital, Dongyuan Rehabilitation Hospital, etc., and to serve as the general guide for the "Ni Haixia Chinese Medicine Cultural Heritage Training Base". Thousands of experienced Western doctors have studied traditional Chinese medicine.
Dr. Li is good at using traditional Chinese medicine to treat severe and acute diseases, such as various malignant and benign tumors, acute and chronic leukemia, lymphoma, various types of severe arthritis, acute heart failure, severe immune system disorders, lupus erythematosus, severe acute allergies. , severe acute and chronic infections, various types of influenza pneumonia, gallstones and cholecystitis, acute appendicitis, herpes zoster, hepatitis, nephritis, kidney stones, acute deep venous blood stasis, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, acute muscle loss , severe systemic edema, acute hydronephrosis, etc., as well as many other diseases that Western medicine cannot diagnose and treat, and have helped many critically ill patients abandoned by large Western hospitals.
Dr. Lee also cured many neurological and psychiatric diseases such as severe epilepsy, stroke, facial paralysis, severe spinal nerve injury, severe dizziness, involuntary movement disorder, Tourette syndrome, anxiety, insomnia, depression, Bipolar disorder, suicidal tendency, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), autism (autism), persecution delusions, hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, unintentional swearing, etc. Invited by the China Medical University, the Citizens' Human Rights Association (CCHR), the International Tongji Association, and the International Lions Club, how to replace the psychiatric drug teaching lecture with Chinese medicine treatment.
Dr. Li has helped a variety of ethnic and patient patients from all over the world. Many well-known companies, investors, politicians, and entertainers from the US, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are their patients. On the other hand, Dr. Li is one of the first experts to promote the analysis of big data and artificial intelligence of Chinese medicine with a commitment to the combination of high technology and medicine. He has served as a visiting scholar at Stanford University, a consultant at the Taiwan Industrial Research Institute, and a medical doctor at the Beijing Municipal Government. Information expert consultants, etc. Dr. Lee's website is, and Facebook is "When Zhang Zhongjing meets Stanford" @classicmedicine.

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