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Prof. Ning Liu TCMD, PhD

Founder of Acupuncture Cosmetology

Dr. Liu, Professor and Chief Physician, has been actively involved in TCM Cosmetology clinical practice, teaching and research for the past 30 years. Over 100 Master program students in TCM Cosmetology have graduated from Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Liu.


Dr. Liu is the Founder of TCM Cosmetology at Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine, and the Founder of Medical Aesthetics Department at the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine.


Dr. Liu serves several professional organizations as Vice President of Global Chinese Medical Aesthetics and Health Association; Vice President of Acupoint catgut embedding Expert Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies; Vice President of Chinese Medicine Cosmetology Branch of China Plastic and Aesthetic Association; Vice Chairman of Meridian Beauty Expert Committee of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society; Honorary Vice President of the TCM Cosmetology Branch of the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine; Standing Committee of the Aesthetics and Beauty Branch of the Chinese Medical Association; TCM Cosmetology Medical Expert of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China; Leader of TCM Cosmetology Expert Commission, National Medical Examination Center; Principal Expert and Advisor of Overseas TCM Cosmetology, Beijing Tong Ren Tang.


Previously, Dr. Liu was Director of the Medical Aesthetic Center of the Chinese Medical Association, Executive Deputy Director of the Medical Aesthetics Consultation Center of the Sichuan Medical Association, and Director of the Aesthetic Center of the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Liu is the Editor-in-Chief of the National Beauty Clinic Physician Training Materials, TCM Cosmetology published by People's Health Publishing House.  Dr. Liu also served as Editor-in-Chief of 4 Medical Textbooks of TCM Cosmetology for Undergraduate TCM program and diploma program.

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