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Dr. Lanying Cui TCMD

Expert of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Dr. Cui has over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience in TCM Facial  Acupuncture Rejuvenation (aka Cosmetic Acupuncture) and health-nurturing practice, especially on the cosmetic acupuncture, and acupuncture for weight loss, etc. Based on the insufficient knowlege from the traditional acupuncture, she invented a series of a brand new acupuncture technique calle: “Zhen Jiu Mei Diao (True & Lasting Beauty Carving)”. This is the newly developed TCM acupuncture cosmetic surgery, cosmetology technique based on the ancient acupuncture and the modern cosmetology. 

Instead of using the traditional acupuncture technique of the perpendicular insertion, she is using the stainless steel needle transverse insertion to stimulate the superficial fascia of the human body in order to direct the stimulation to the dormant mesenchymal cells. The mesenchymal cells can be split into stem cells. According to the current needs of the human body, the stem cells can be transformed into the required cells to supplement the needs of the human body, to achieve the role of cell regeneration, repair the sequelae of the cosmetology injection, so that the cells proliferate to achieve the metabolism to beautify the skin.

The main feature of the True & Lasting Beauty Carving is that it’s safe without side effects and no sequelae. Promoting the traditional Chinese culture, truly achieves the lasting of the healthy beauty & the natural beauty. 

Other than achieving the cosmetology effect through the stimulating the superficial fascia layer, “True & Lasting Carving” can also enhancing the breasts, reduce fat, eliminate scars, slim the body. Archieved the true meaning of using your own cells to complete the repair of the the natual beauty. 

The acupuncture cosmetology technique of “True & Lasting Beauty Carving” is guided by the basic theory of TCM, focusing on the holistic concept, addressing both the symptoms and the root cause, no need to use the Scalpel, no need for a surgery, no chemical filling, no drug injection, no risk, achieving the best result without rebound drawbacks. It is safe and effective to achieve the natural beauty, healthy beauty, original & lasting beauty.

Since the establishment of “Tianying Beauty” in 1989, she has always been involved in treatment of skin problems, such as spots, acne.

In 2008, she was engaged in “True & Lasting Beauty Carving”, using acupuncture to solve the facial wrinkles, sagging, dropping, skin pock, scars, sequelae of acupuncture injection, pain and obesity problems.

Achieving: Weight loss without dieting, raise face without touching the face, breast augumentation without touching the breast, tightening the vaginal without touching the vaginal.

2010, received the licenced on the Senior National Acupuncturist

2015, began to promote the technique of the "True & Lasting Beauty Carving" to the acupuncturist who are enthusiastic to the cosmetology through out China.

2018, received the national certificate of the Masters of the Traditional  Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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Title: Cui Lanying WeChat Lecture, March 24, 2019Lecture Topic: Zhenjiumei Acupuncture and Beauty

The WeChat group for Teacher Cui's training class has been established. Please add WeChat rachelzhu-van or scan the QR code to invite to join the group and communicate directly with the teacher.​Please cherish and seize this precious learning opportunity:

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As a specially invited expert of the 4th Traditional Medicine Congress, Teacher Cui held two training courses during the 3rd Congress. The results were extraordinary and the students responded enthusiastically. The skills learned were applied in clinical practice and achieved remarkable results. It has benefited the general public and enabled students to gain tangible benefits and improvements.

Click here to register for the 2024 course taught by Mr. Cui in Vancouver, Canada

Cui Lanying's works examples

My name is Zhang Yonghong. After the procedure, my Sichuan lines, eye bags and dark circles, and saggy chin disappeared immediately. After the facial lift, my skin tone is fair and rosy, and my face is plump and round. I am really grateful to have the chance to meet Teacher Cui! Zhenjiu Meidiao has a bright future! Getting better and better!

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Teacher Cui Lanying’s testimony from the students of Canada’s Zhenjiu Sculpture Course
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