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Dr. Zhong-Hua FU, PhD

Chief expert of
FU’s Acupuncture

Dr. Zhong-Hua Fu, PhD, Chief expert of Subcutaneous FU's Acupuncture. His steps were firm and steady throughout the journey of curing people and saving lives. Over ten years of hard work, studying and research allowed him to observe the many hidden secrets within the world of Chinese medication. He gathered knowledge, experience and skill from many others, and expanded on creativity and innovation. From extracting the quality information and essence of ancient Chinese medicine, he invented the subcutaneous acupuncture therapy, and he was named to be “the Father of the Subcutaneous Acupuncture Therapy.”
He holds the honourable label of “the one who walks through all of china with a needle at hand.” The needle in his hand is often called a “Godly needle.” It can be used to cure many common illnesses in many parts of the body. Because of its speediness in taking effect, usually much faster than numbing agents, it is also called “the pocket-sized hospital.”
 He is a famous doctor of the modern age, a professor, and holds the title of “the father of the subcutaneous acupuncture therapy.” He believes that a truly wise, skillful doctor cures their patients by using ways that has the least physiological affects to the body.
He is the famous doctor Zhong-Hua Fu, the institute director of Nanjing University of
Chinese Medicine, the postdoctoral personnel of Nanjing General Hospital of
People's Liberation Army, the Nanjing the subcutaneous acupuncture medicine institute director, and the Chinese Subcutaneous Acupuncture Academic Committee president. The father of the modern medicine, Hippocrates once said, “natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” He faithfully believes these words and compressed his belief into one sentence-- only perform the essentials and lessen the involvement of medical supplies/treatments.

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