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Professor Hu Chaowei
Internal learning field

Inventor of acupuncture ultramicro acupotomy technology, founder of pulse acupuncture, inventor of round needle therapy, inventor of superficial fascia.
In 2015, the first batch of “Specialized Experts in Clinical Medicine of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

The seventh generation of the Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion. Hu Chaowei's acupuncture method "walking with benevolence and medicine, speaking with curative effect" has the advantages of short treatment course, quick effect, wide-ranging treatment, and the advantages of treating both the symptoms and the symptoms, and the immediate treatment of various difficult diseases.

Engaged in clinical research of Chinese medicine for nearly 25 years. He founded Beijing Hu Chaowei Chinese Medicine Clinic and served as Chairman of the Renzhitang Chinese Medicine Chain Agency in Hong Kong.









He is the author of "Lianli Needle Therapy" and "Supermicro Needle Knife Therapy". Obtained Chinese national invention patents and utility model patents. The published paper entitled "Experimental Point Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation" won the third prize of Hubei Provincial Civil Rehabilitation Medical Association. "Under the stretched state, the use of Hegu thorn to treat piriformis injury" was published in the "Chinese Acupuncture" magazine, "Fire sputum acupuncture treatment of oral ulcers" published in the "Chinese Acupuncture" magazine, "acoustic treatment according to functional limitations" "Necktie" was published in "Chinese Acupuncture" magazine, "60 cases of acupuncture at knee acupoints for the treatment of dysmenorrhea" was published in the "Chinese Acupuncture" magazine, "The 72 cases of the round needle three-point three-way treatment for sputum uninjured" was published in Chinese Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, "On the Treatment of Lung Joint Knee Joint Pain", was published in the American Journal of Modern Medicine.

In the long-term practice, Dr. Hu has accumulated rich clinical experience, and has achieved a perfect combination of Chinese and Western medical methods and various acupuncture tools in clinical application. According to sports injuries, Chinese and Western medicine combined with acupuncture therapy has broken the traditional treatment of “pain point”. The law, through the use of a very small needle knife for the treatment of the superficial fascia layer, the original point of view has been recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts, has won praise from the medical community. In the traditional Chinese medicine, it inherits the medical characteristics of the Qing Dynasty doctor Ye Tianshi, combines the Yijing and Taiji views, combines Yi and doctors, perfects the diagnostic mechanism of TCM, and combines pulse and human acupoints to create a “pulse acupuncture”. The acupuncture points of the human body are adjusted to achieve the purpose of treatment, and this ancient technique is revived.


















Through the flexible application of several technologies, it has more than 300 columns of cerebral palsy in children, special treatment for pain, cervical and lumbar disc herniation, hyperplasia of mammary glands, and has unique insights on more than 20 kinds of difficult and complicated Chinese medicine conditioning such as male and female Keya health, and Participated in international academic exchanges many times.
Hu Chaowei's acupuncture method breaks the traditional where the pain is treated. According to the rule of "pain point" treatment, first determine what action or posture state the pain is, then analyze the participating muscles of the action or maintain the stability of the posture. Participate in muscle groups, combined with anatomical structures for treatment.
Hu Chaowei's acupuncture treatment of diseases also has an immediate effect.


With the noble medical ethics and exquisite medical skills, in 2002, he was awarded the title of "Chinese Famous Doctor" by the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association.

Click the audio below to listen to Teacher Hu Chaowei’s WeChat lecture on May 5, 2018:Overview of ultra-micro acupuncture therapy, round sharp needle therapy and pulse method acupuncture,Dr. Huang Guojian hosted.

胡超偉老師微信講座——超微針刀療法、圓利針療法和脈法針灸概述 - 胡超偉老師

Internal learning materials for training courses

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