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All course videos of the fifth conference have credits
  • All course videos of the fifth conference have credits

    The 5th International Congress of Traditional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference  All course videos


    2021 Vancouver, Canada, live online broadcast, broadcast globally.

    Course content includes:


    1,Teacher Geng Jianguo, a prescription expert: A brief discussion of TCM treatment of acute and critical diseases from cases: the diagnostic essence and special prescriptions for treating emergency patients such as heart failure, renal failure, cerebral infarction, and cancer ascites;

    2,Teacher Zhang Jin, expert in painless acupuncture: Cervical spondylosis and facial aging: Precision acupuncture can treat skin wrinkles, sagging, sagging, eye bags, chloasma, nasolabial folds, double chin, and create jawline, etc.;

    3.Ms. Zhou Huifang, an expert in TCM gynecology: Fu Qing is in charge of women's medicine - Chinese medicine treats infertility, irregular menstruation, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.

    4.Acupuncture expert Dr. Wu Shijie: Clinical sharing of Wu’s acupuncture treatment for frozen shoulder and rhinitis;

    5,Teacher Chen Jianguo, expert in pulse syndrome prescriptions: Meridian Prescriptions for Pulse Syndrome--- Pulse syndrome is not a pulse condition, 12 kinds of meridian prescriptions based on pulse syndrome are simple and easy to use to treat dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, visual fatigue, diabetes and other difficult and miscellaneous diseases.

    6,Teacher Chen Yun, an expert in systematic traditional Chinese medicine: Follow the principles of systematic traditional Chinese medicine to build a modern holistic diagnosis and treatment system of traditional Chinese medicine: Apply the principles of non-additivity, integrity, and organicity to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of car accidents and gallbladder resection patients with immediate results;

    7,Mr. Liang Shan, an expert in ear medicine diagnosis and treatment: Rapid diagnosis and clinical application of otology: Huang Lichun’s otology diagnoses and treats a variety of difficult and complicated diseases;

    8,Teacher He Qingyong, Zhongjing’s traditional Chinese medicine instructor: InjuryCold Treatise and Treatment of Difficult and Miscellaneous Diseases: Sharing the clinical miraculous effects of using uniquely formulated Ganmai Dazao Decoction to treat various anxiety disorders

    9,Mr. Lu Peiwan, an expert in treating diseases with traditional Chinese medicineSummary and clinical application of Tang Zuxuan Wenyang's academic thoughts and experiences: treating diseases before they occur, applying ancient methods in new ways, moxibustion is effective in intervening in early stage of COVID-19, and traditional Chinese medicine is effective in treating chronic fatigue syndrome, heart failure, cerebral infarction, impotence, etc.;

    10,Mr. Wang Dong, an expert in treating difficult and complicated diseases through a combination of acupuncture and medicine: One-Acupuncture Therapy: The new concept of acupuncture can treat rhinitis, tinnitus, insomnia, tremor, asthma, breast hyperplasia, etc. with immediate results.

    25 hours in total. 25 hours of continuing education credit available.


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