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Videos of all courses of the 4th Congress----certified with credits
  • Videos of all courses of the 4th Congress----certified with credits

    The 4th International Congress of Traditional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference  Four-day Conference

    Watch the entire content video.

    Thirteen first-class experts gave exciting lectures and were full of clinical practical information, covering a variety of treatment methods such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, manipulation, and moxibustion, as well as the treatment of various difficult and complicated diseases and beauty and health care methods.


    List of expert teaching contents:

    1. Professor Dong Fuhui, founder of beryllium acupuncture: Application of beryllium acupuncture in head and neck diseases

    2. Dr. Chen Yun, an expert in holistic diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine: Syndrome and treatment of upper-jiao syndrome caused by qi inversion

    3. Teacher Lu Peiwan, an expert in treating diseases with traditional Chinese medicine: Bian Que moxibustion method and knowledge on preventing COVID-19

    4. Teacher Liu Chaolong, founder of JiYi Acupuncture: JiYi Acupuncture’s treatment mechanism and clinical application

    5. Teacher Huang Shipei, a prescription expert: Thoughts and clinical application of Zhongjing clauses

    6. Dr. Niu Yang, expert in febrile disease: Application of febrile disease in various clinical subjects

    7. Dr. Li Zongen, the designated successor of Teacher Ni Haixia: Development and treatment of COVID-19

    8. Teacher Zheng Jianchao, a direct disciple of Guo's Xiaofang: How Xiaofang treats serious diseases----gynecological diseases

    9. Wang Suzhen, a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor: The transcendence of traditional Chinese medicine in difficult and complicated diseases---Two cases of treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

    10. Teacher Xu Xingkai, founder of Zhengzhi Medical School: Zhengzhi sacroiliac linkage balance

    11. Professor Ma Huisheng, acupuncture expert: low back pain treatment

    12. Teacher Cui Lanying, the expert of Zhenjiu Sculpture: Practical practice of Zhenjiu Sculpture’s magical effect

    13. Acupuncture expert Teacher Lu Shengchun: Ideas of acupotomy for beauty and pain treatment



    Earn 22 hours of continuing education credits.


    2020 Vancouver, Canada, online live broadcast, global broadcast


    North America West Coast Time from December 27th to 30th, 2020 (Sunday to Wednesday)



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