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CLY Zhenjiumei Sculpting Facial Shaping Manager
  • CLY Zhenjiumei Sculpting Facial Shaping Manager

    CLY Zhenjiumei Sculpting Facial Sculpting Manager, when used in conjunction with Zhenjiumei Sculpting, doubles the effect, delaying facial aging and restoring youthful beauty!



    1. Fat slimming and face slimming:

        Using the principle of physical pressure therapy and intervention in fat flow, it can control the volume expansion of intradermal fat cells, and far-infrared rays physically slim fat, accelerate blood microcirculation, and help slim down the face;

    2. Shaping:

       Using stretching and positioning methods, by applying uniform and constant pressure, against gravity, the entire face is pulled upward starting from the scalp, preventing sagging of the cheeks, tightening facial muscles and soft tissues, and lifting the face. Contour the face, tighten the masseter muscles, and create a firm and youthful facial curve;

    3. Dilute the texture:

       Magnetic volcanic energy stone, high-elastic fiber, dilute facial fine lines, reduce nasolabial folds, and help restore youthful appearance

    4. Correct face shape:

    Correct bad habits such as crooked mouth and mouth breathing, and help facial muscles form new muscle memory.


    Lycra medical fabric, breathable, highly elastic, antibacterial and comfortable;

    Three-dimensional cutting, close to the skin;

    Multi-breasted design, effective adjustment of tightness, suitable for various face shapes.


    During the wearing process, you can use your fingers to smooth and adjust the cheek fat to achieve symmetry and even pressure;

    It is recommended to wash and use 2 sets alternately to extend the service life and enhance the effect;

    It is recommended to wash it once every 2-3 days to keep it clean and elastic;

    Use warm water below 40 degrees Celsius and neutral detergent to avoid prolonged washing. Do not machine wash or spin dry to maintain the elasticity of the fabric;

    Do not wring it out too hard. Use a towel to absorb the water. Smooth it out and hang it to dry in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight and avoid ironing.


    • Return policy

      This product is an item that comes into direct contact with the skin and will not be returned or replaced after use.

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