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Baogu Miracle Rejuvenating Cream
  • Baogu Miracle Rejuvenating Cream


    Pure Chinese medicine formula to promote skin cell regeneration.

    Baogu Rejuvenating Cream is refined from twelve kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. It works together on the twelve skin parts of the human body. Then it is injected into the twelve meridians through the twelve meridians. Finally, it is distributed in the twelve main meridians, dredging the meridians and clearing the meridians. It has the functions of regulating qi and blood, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, removing blood stasis and regenerating, removing freckles and wrinkles. It can enhance energy, blood and lymph circulation in the skin and muscles of the body surface, increase the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the body surface, promote the cleanup of body surface metabolites, and contribute to the normal growth, development, repair and renewal of epidermal cells. . Long-term use can keep the skin in a healthy state, smooth and firm, reduce fine lines and ecchymosis, and achieve a remarkable beauty-retaining effect.


    Stored at room temperature, the quality and efficacy are guaranteed for one year.

    Capacity: 30ml

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