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Prof. Yuliang Wang

TCM ophthalmologist

Dr. Wang is currently a Professor, Doctoral Program Mentor, Chief Physician, and Director of Office of Famous Veteran TCM Doctor at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Wang was born in a medical family. Prior to his medical career, he was a member of the Air Force Aviation Photographer in 1971, and a technician in the Department of Radiology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou Medical College in 1975.

After graduating from medical school in 1980, Dr. Wang was engaged in ophthalmology clinical practice. Dr. Wang, as an Associate Professor, established Department of Ophthalmology, Gansu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Wang obtained his master's degree in medicine in 1988.

Dr. Wang then was appointed as an Attending Physician at Department of Ophthalmology, Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1989. In 1992, Dr. Wang went to Japan and studied at Department of Ophthalmology, Asahikawa Medical University.  Dr. Wang held several positions, he served as director of Department of Ophthalmology at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 1994-2013, Director of Medical Affairs from 2004-2006, and Assistant to Dean from 2004-2013. He was promoted to deputy chief physician in 1996 and chief physician in 2001.  

As a Chinese Scholar Returnees from Overseas Study, Dr. Wang set up a high-level Ophthalmology Center in Nanjing. Dr. Wang is a pioneer and leads to development of ophthalmology in the province and the city. Dr. Wang is a leading ophthalmologist specialized in the refractive eye surgery. Dr. Wang expertise is focusing on cataract phacoemulsification and vitreoretinal surgery. Dr. Wang has been practiced for over 10,000 cases of surgery such as refractive, phacoemulsification and vitrectomy.

Dr. Wang is Editor-in-Chief for several medical books, "Eye Diseases Prevention and Treatment 350 questions", "Eye Diseases Caring and Nursing", "Chinese and Western Medicine Integrative Ophthalmology", "Eye Refractive Treatment Manual", "Optometry" etc.

Dr. Wang is currently served as the Deputy Chairman of the Chinese TCM Ophthalmology Association, the Deputy Chairman of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association Integrative Ophthalmology Branch, the Deputy Chairman of the Eye Branch of the China Medical Association of Minorities, the Vice Chairman of the Jiangsu Optical Society, the Chairman of the Photonic Biomedical Branch.

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