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Prof. Sanhu Wang

MD (China),Professor

Professor Sanhu Wang, a Master graduate of Nanjing TCM University specializing in Shanghan and a PhD from the 4th Military Medical University specializing in TCM-Modern Integrative Clinical Medicine. He is a famous doctor in the field of cancer treatment with TCM classic prescriptions in China, with great success.


Dr. Wang worked as Professor of the 4th Military Medical University, Chief Physician of TCM Oncology Department of the affiliated hospital of Guangxi TCM University, and the Director of the Liuzhou TCM Cancer Institute. Currently, Professor Wang holds a couple of positions: Chief Physician of anti-cancer TCM expert panel in Xian, China, Vice Chairman of anti-cancer with Classic Prescriptions Specialty Committee of WFCMS, Advisor of the European TCM Classic Prescriptions Society, Advisor of the Swiss Chinese TCM Society, Supervisor of PhD students of a TCM University in California, Advisor of Graduate students of Internal TCM of Guangxi TCM University, and etc. He has trained over 100 graduate students of TCM.


Over the years, theory-guided practice, inheritance and innovation are becoming the principle and directions in the daily practice of Professor Wang. About 20,000 cancer patients every year were treated by Dr. Wang. Based on his clinical observations and analysis, he proposed several cancer-causing theories and corresponding treatments, such as, “Dryness-Dampness Mix Inducing Cancer”, “Cold-Heat Interaction and Obstruction Inducing Cancer”, “Anti-Cancer by Jingsen”, “Keeping the Root of Qi against Cancer”, “Lung Cancer Treatment by Treating Lung Atrophy”, “Wind-Cold Invasion Inducing Cancer”, and etc. Because of his remarkable and confirming clinic effect in cancer treatment, many of his ideas and theories are gradually accepted in China, then published in major news papers, textbooks of TCM universities, and Clinical Guidelines in Cancer Treatment in China.   By 2017, he has published 220 scientific papers, authored and co-authored 30 medical books – five of them become top-selling books.  In the last few years, Professor Wang is also invited to open training classes on “Cancer Treatment with Classic Herbal Prescriptions” in China and overseas with great success. His on-line classes and class notes on “Cancer Treatment with Classic Herbal Prescriptions” are selected as “10 Best Classes and Books of TCM in 2017”. He was awarded the “Most Influential People of Chinese Medicine in 2017”.  

Professor Wang Sanhu's WeChat Lecture May 10, 2018, please click below to play the audio:
In the lecture, Wang Sanhu gave lectures on the pathogenesis and treatment of several major cancers. Please don't miss the International Traditional Medicine Congress in August. Professor Wang Sanhu will give a wonderful speech and set up a training class in Vancouver to personally teach the valuable theory and experience of anti-cancer.

For details, please see the teacher Wang Sanhu, the teacher of the anti-cancer new thinking training class.

王三虎:經方抗癌淺談 - 王三虎主講,黃國健博士主持
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