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Wendy Lang

Wendy Lang is an expert and teacher in the fields of energy medicine, channeling and mediumship and space clearing.  She has been teaching the International Institute of Medical Qigong's three year program for the past 15 years, as well as offering powerful trainings in the intuitive arts. Her personal healing practice includes in person and distance sessions for any kind of disorder, for personal growth, and for channeled readings.  In addition, Wendy works regularly with animals as well as offering energetic clearings for homes and properties. Her personal knowledge and experience has accumulated over twenty-five years and includes a Master's degree from the International Institute of Medical Qigong.

Wendy's training in Qigong and the Chinese energy arts began with an intensive 8 month retreat at the Silent Ground Retreat Center  in 1988. She trained under Master Mantak Chia and became an advanced teacher in the Healing Tao and Universal Tao Qigong systems. She traveled to India and received the powerful teachings of Sri Punjaji as well as his blessing to offer satsang.  As a long-time practitioner and teacher of Light Body Meditation, Wendy was invited to become a member of the advanced Discovery and Seed Groups for advanced meditation skills. She has been involved in Holistic Health since the eighties as a Qigong teacher, acupressurist, body-worker, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, Reiki Master etc.

Currently, Wendy lives in San Anselmo, California where she has a Healing Arts practice and offers trainings in Shamanic Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, Channeling and Mediumship, Light Body meditation, locally and internationally, as well as offering international retreats.  She is also a presenter and speaker.

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