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Dr. Shi-Xiao ZHAO TCMD

Chief Expert of Advanced,Mini-Traditional Chinese Herbal Prescription

Mr. Zhao Shixiao is a well-known scholar of space medicine theory. While inheriting the rich culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine and promoting space medicine, Mr. Zhao also applied the overall conditioning concept of Yin and Yang balance, and the exclusive secret Small Prescription to treat systemic diseases. In response to all kinds of difficult-to-treat diseases, he has tremendous achievements and are at the leading expert in the area. Since the beginning, Small Prescription has been widely recognized by well-informed people and doctors. The birth of Small Prescription of space medicine is a great blessing to the patients and marks a great revolution in the field of Chinese medicine.
Mini Traditional Chinese Chinese Herbal Prescription Introduction
 The amount of Mini Traditional Chinese Chinese Herbal Prescription is generally between 0.1-0.8 grams. The medicines are generally around 5 kinds. The medicines is finely grounded and put into tea bags. It does not require boiling, and has a good taste. It is easy to carry, easy to store, and has no toxic or side effects. Small prescription makes the complicated Chinese medicine simple and interesting, and makes boring theory more understandable that can be applied in a short time. Small Prescription and effectively treat many diseases, that traditional Chinese medicine or modern western medicine are incapable to deal with. Sometimes, the effects can be seen in a few hours.
The Mini Traditional Chinese Chinese Herbal Prescription is developed on the space medicine theory and repetitive clinical practice. There are more than thirty kinds of medicines that are used in TCM clinical practice. Small Prescription is written on the fundamental principles of space medicine that is not restricted by the kind of disease but its actual symptoms.
The Small Prescription method can quickly formulating precise solutions based on symptoms combined with tongue diagnosis. It has a very wide range of treatment. It focuses on the whole body's conditioning and restores the physiological functions of human organs to drive the balance, and eventually achieves the goal of curing the diseases. It is suitable for common diseases and all kinds of difficult diseases. There are very few Traditional Chinese medicines involved (more than 30 kinds commonly used, and out of them only 10 that are most frequently used). Further more, it is very easy to learn---even complete beginners can start quickly to experience the effects. Because the amount of medication involved is very low, it is also extremely safe for beginners. This Small Prescription method has the advantages of safe, highly effective, toxic-free and side-effects-free, easy-to-learn, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use, simple-to-operate, and patient-friendly.

趙世校微信講座2018年6月9日——整體觀:空間醫學與小小方(頭方)的臨床應用 - 趙世校主講,王哲龍主持
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