Dr. Hongde Wu TCMD

Expert of Qi-transmitting Acupuncture

Born in Taiwan, Dr. Hongde Wu has been studying medicine and practicing medicine for more than 30 years. He is good at treating intractable diseases with flying acupuncture and Qi-Transmitting Acupuncture therapy, and advocates maximizing the effect with the least amount of needles. He has served as a professor of clinical teaching at the Royal University of the United States (now the Eastern Medical University of the United States), an instructor of CME for California physicians in the United States, Dean of the United States Victorian Chinese Medicine Hospital, visiting professor at the Taiwan Chinese Medical Science and Technology University, and visiting scholar at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

The inheritance of the flying acupuncture and Qi-Transmitting Acupuncture Therapy:

Great Grand Master: Kang Zixu (Qing Dynasty Royal Doctor) and Yuan Chunying;  

Grandmaster: Xiu Yangzai

Honorable Master: Lin Zhudong (a physician and a neuroanatomist who has studied in Japan for more than 60 years)

Master: Hongde Wu

Flying Acupuncture and Qi-transmitting Acupuncture Therapy is one of the four major schools of acupuncture and moxibustion in Taiwan. It is characterized by paying attention to the physical strength of the person who is applying the needle and guiding the movement of the Qi through the manipulation to achieve the wide range and high intensity of the Qi in the patient. At the same time as flying and Qi-transmitting through, it also enhances the patient's original Qi. In addition, it is also very important for the doctor to exercise Breathing Qi, Refining Qi, and Nourishing Qi. It is not only related to the direct effect of acupuncture, but also protects the doctor himself and reduces the impact of the patient's illness on the doctor.

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Japan's Kumamoto Airport has an ankle sprain. It only takes one shot and three minutes to run immediately.

The car accident has a ruptured tibia. Now there are steel nails and metal mesh fixed in the knee joint. It is impossible to squat and get up and add pain. It can be done once in a 1+5 needle.

(第12張照片 6月10日第28次治療前)
(第13張照片 6月14日第32次治療前)
(第14張照片 6月21日第37次治療前)
(第15張照片 6月26日第41次治療前)
(第16張照片 6月28日第43次治療前)
(第17張照片 7月4日第48次治療前)
(第18張照片 7月8日第51次治療前)
(第19張照片 7月11日第54次治療前)
(第20張照片 7月18日第60次治療前)
(第21張照片 7月19日第61次治療前)


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