Dr. Xing Kai Xu

Acupuncturist, Specialist of Bone Adjustments

Professional titles and specialties:

Registered TCM Doctor;

Master of acupuncture & bone adjustments;

Health consultant of the President of a country;

Dean of Federal Saratov Chinese Medicine Hospital, Russia;

Senior medical consultant of Federal European Hospital, Russia; 

Board director of the WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies);

Vice-director of Long Shan Tang Health Preserving Institute of Cheng Du;

Researcher of the Zheng Dao International Medical Academy of Cheng Du;

Vice-president of the Dao Medicine Committee of Jiang Xi Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy;

Medical consultant of Nan Chang Zhen Yi Tang Dao Medicine Clinics (chain-store brand) ;

Medical consultant of Ah Yoo Ma Ma Postpartum Recovery Center (chain-store brand) of Wen Zhou;

Medical consultant of Loving Mum Women and Children Health-care Centres (chain-store brand) of Shang Rao city; 

specialized in adjustment of different small joints of the body.

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请收听徐星凯老师2019年微信讲座——骨盆与健康 2019年8月4日
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Teacher Xu Xingkai's hand adjustment effect display
The 4th ICTMHW
2020 Vancouver

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Moxa Lady Healing Bad 

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