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2018 Vancouver Canada

The 2nd International Conference on Traditional Medicine, August 9-17, 2018, a week, from expert training, conference speeches, clinical demonstrations to charity public free consultation. Top Chinese medicine experts from many countries and regions presented a feast of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and traditional medicine to Vancouver participants. The participants were excited and happy, and they said goodbye to the full harvest, and began to look forward to the next conference.....

Highlights of the conference

John Horgan Premier of BC.jpg

The Governor of British Columbia and people from all walks of life sent a congratulatory letter to the conference, wishing the conference a complete success.

John He, Governor of British Columbia
John He, Governor of British Columbia

A collection of world-class Masters demonstrating newly developed techniques

Learn from their experiences and witness the magic of Traditional Chinese Medicines

Powerful presentation and on-site demonstration making learning easier

Conference and training sessions complements each other that you can use

to further your clinic success


This is a World Top Level Conference on Traditional Medicines and Acupuncture

an opportunity you will not regret to get!






Spreading & Advancing Traditional Medicines

Promoting Efficacy of Clinical Practice

Developing Chinese Medicine Technology

Why should I attend?

Continuing education credit certificate is available for the conference. 8 hours per day.

Our Experts
Click on the photo to view an expert introduction and listen to the published expert WeChat lectures.
The 2nd ICTMHW
Who should attend?

Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturists, other TCM Practitioners, School Teachers, Researchers, any other form of Health-related Medical Workers Students, and the General Public who is interested in traditional medicines and health care.


Free consultation and assessment are available for public.


August 11-12,2018

(Sat & Sun)9am-9pm


Element Vancouver Metrotown

5988 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby,BC V5H 2A7, Canada


女,30歲左右,華人,左右乳房都有好幾個腫塊,左乳房腫塊流膿發臭。 11/16/2012 初診 主訴: 兩側都有副乳,二十歲時,右乳有兩塊增生,切掉之後,來來去去,有服用過中藥,效果不好。現在左側也有囊腫,其中一個腫塊流膿發臭。身體不適或用力時,乳房增生硬塊會痛。...